Printing from your iPhone and iPad just got awesome

Ever wish you could print from your iOS devices? Well, your wish is our command. Run Printopia on your Mac to print from any iOS device directly to your printers.

Wireless printing to your Mac’s printers

Get print happy! Whether you have an inkjet printer plugged into your Mac, a laser printer plugged into your router or a network printer, if your Mac prints to it, Printopia shares it.

And, you still have the ability to configure printer settings like paper size, color options and print quality.

No need to modify your iPhone or Mac

The good news is Printopia runs independently from print sharing and does not re-configure your Mac’s current printing system. What? You were waiting for the bad news?

iPad illustration
iPhone illustration
Print wirelessly from your iPad or iPhone with Printopia
Printopia Settings

Mother Nature will love you

By adding unlimited Printopia "Send To Mac" virtual printers to your network, you can "print" a file directly to your Mac or send files to a Mac app like iPhoto and Evernote. Dropbox users can print PDF and JPG files directly to their Mac’s Dropbox folder, making your printouts accessible from anywhere.