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Ecamm Made Me a Million Dollars

Hey, I’m Liz Wilcox

I’m an email marketing coach who is kind of obsessed with Ecamm.

​They let me takeover their blog to share the ways Ecamm makes my business better. And get this… I barely even use it to stream. Gasp!(Keep reading. It gets good, I promise.)

As someone who teaches email marketing to entrepreneurs just getting started with it, I do a lot of:

  • Podcast guesting
  • Private training sessions
  • One-on-one consultations

That means I’m using Ecamm primarily for their Virtual Camera feature. Having Ecamm “locked and loaded” whenever I’m on a call is an absolute game changer.

#1– I get referrals everyday

When it comes to hopping on a call with a podcast host, or joining someone’s private Zoom meeting to conduct a training session for their audience, I immediately stand out because I’m using Ecamm Virtual Camera. From my experience, most hosts have never seen Ecamm being used by their guests. I often hear “it looks like you’re in a highly produced YouTube video, but we’re live!” 

But how does that make my business better? Well…

Using Ecamm, I stand out in the best way. And when podcast hosts + business owners are impressed, they refer. Oftentimes, I’ll get off an interview or training and within a few hours, I have one, two, or even three introductions to other people who want me to share my message with their audience. Take that FB ads!

Just using this one feature that Ecamm offers, I’ve been able to 

  • Grow my network quickly
  • Charge higher rates for private trainings
  • … And gain thousands of email subscribers and customers

#2– I can hold a crowd, resulting in email list sign ups + automatic purchases

I can wow just about any crowd when I take over a Zoom call with the Virtual Camera feature. I almost immediately see comments in the chat like…

“omg how does she have a bottom third?” 

….“what software are you using?”

…“I can already tell this is gonna be good. Glad I showed up live.”

As we all know, Zoom burnout is a real thing. Attendance seems to be dwindling from live calls, and engagement is meh at best. 

But when I offer “preview pics” for the host to share as an incentive to get people to sign up for the live training, our showup rate is incredible. People want to see how I’m doing that. People understand that this training will be something special…something worth attending. 

Of course, I’m able to retain the audience throughout the presentation using just a few basic features of Ecamm. 

Sound Effects

I’ll insert applause when people take the action I want them to take. And I always use the triangle noise when I want people to focus on what I’m saying.

Of course, you gotta make it fun, too. So I use the bicycle horn when I make a mistake like going to the wrong slide, having a typo on my slide, or when I can’t figure out why something isn’t working properly. 

(Shout out to Ecamm for making me look like a pro, even when I’m not. Ha!)

Countdown Timer

I use this feature for workshops so we stay on track with time. People love knowing that three minutes means three minutes. And I love knowing that I will, in fact, end just in time for lunch.

Wanna know what’s funny about the countdown timer? It’s the most commonly “how the heck did you get that on the screen?” feature that I use with Ecamm. Whodathunk?

Text Box

One of the most boring things about the way most people present or train is the lack of interaction. I use the text box feature to “live write” on my screen. I’ll often ask a question and use the Text Box feature to put people’s answers directly on my screen. 

Or, I will present a new topic and “live write” using the text box feature. It’s like being back in the classroom when your teacher would start writing on the chalkboard. 

Using this feature:

  • Holds people’s attention really well
  • Gets them engaged in the chat with comments  and questions to make your session incredibly engaging
  • Shows the audience that you’re a true expert because you can do and teach “on the fly” 

Seriously. It works like a charm! 

By the end of my presentations, people are always asking me for the next step. Why? Because the steps I’ve laid out with them with the help of Ecamm have been so easy to follow, they can’t wait to have more of this refreshing teaching style. 

So I point them to join my email list or buy whatever product I’m promoting that day. 

Here’s a screenshot of my email list growth. Can you guess which days I hosted private training sessions?

Like I said, I feel like these are Ecamm’s most basic features. But they add incredible razzle dazzle to boring meetings, Zoom training sessions, and the like.

#3– I always come across as an expert in my field

I often conduct live q+a sessions, along with 1-on-1 calls.  Having all my presentations loaded into Ecamm makes me look like the most prepared person there ever was. And you know who is prepared?

An expert is prepared.

With things like a q+a session, or a 1:1 call…people tend to ask the same things over and over. And when they do, I’m ready with a visual from one of my presentations. 

I can quickly move from Ecamm profile to Ecamm profile to pull up what I need in order to best answer their question.

For example, if someone asks me “what should I put in my welcome sequence, Liz?”, there’s a slide for that. I pull it up from my Ecamm scenes, it pops up via the Virtual Camera, and my client or student not only hears my answer, they see it, too. 

This is great because people learn in lots of different ways. And because I’m catering to that fact, Ecamm helps my students get what they need quickly and easily. Which leads to an audience that sees me as an expert. 

And when you’re seen as an expert, some amazing things happen like…

  • Your audience stays engaged + with you a long time
  • You have repeat customers
  • New people come to you with an established trust 

The last thing I’ll say is this:

I’ve grown my business to over 10,000 subscribers in three years. 5500 of those are customers. 4000 of those customers do repeat business with me every month.

I’ve also been featured in nearly 300 podcasts and private groups in just three years.

I believe this could not have been possible with the help of Ecamm. I 100% attribute my use of Ecamm to helping me with two VERY BIG THINGS:

#1– Ecamm has helped me to stand out in a saturated market…which has led to growing an audience and network of referrers quickly.

#2– It’s also helped me keep that audience engaged + coming back for more… leading to over a million dollars in sales in just three years. 

What can I say after all that? I guess just a big THANK YOU ECAMM! 

-Liz Wilcox

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