How Ecamm Revolutionized my Content Creation

How Ecamm Live Revolutionized My Video Content Creation 

Hi everyone! Phil Pallen here, and today, I’m sharing how a single decision changed the game for me as a brand strategist and small business owner.

I’ve been in the branding business for over a decade, but in 2020, I decided to dip my toes into video content creation. I started because I love teaching and trying new tools. It started as a hobby, but now it’s a powerful, 6-figure addition to my business.

And the secret ingredient? Ecamm.

Ecamm simplifies my (live and recorded) video process and makes video creation a breeze.

Here’s how:

save over 30% in time and resources by streamlining my workflow. It’s a relief knowing I can focus more on the content, less on process, making it possible to post 1-2 times weekly.

For someone with a plate as full as mine—running a branding agency, keynoting, and creating content—ease is non-negotiable. I love recording my videos in one take (usually), with graphics and assets planned and loaded up front.

I can record without the pressure of getting things perfect because my editor can always do a final fix before the content goes live, but most of the time, it’s not needed.

In addition to the platform, I genuinely love the people. The community fosters growth and interaction, and the culture of optimism

If you’re on the fence about creating video content, let this be your nudge to try Ecamm today. You can sign up for a free two week trial without even putting in your credit card number. See how it transforms the complex into the simple for you.

Cheers to making content creation a joy, not a chore.

Phil Pallen

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I’m a personal branding expert and keynote speaker. My non-conventional content creation and digital marketing approach has amassed a global audience of 31K+ subscribers on my email newsletter. I have worked with 350+ brands across all industries, including a Shark on Shark Tank, White House staff members, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and household names. My insights have been featured in CNN, AdWeek, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Inc., and DailyMail, and I’ve delivered keynote speeches on five continents, including Adobe MAX in 2021 and 2023.

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