Overcoming Podcast Perfectionism

How to Overcome Podcast Perfectionism

One of the hardest parts of podcasting is getting started. Most of the time, we struggle with pushing that record or go live button not because we don’t know what to talk about, but because we’ve overthought things and are facing down podcast perfectionism.

We give ourselves so many excuses, don’t we? I don’t have the camera or microphone I want. My hair isn’t looking awesome today. What if no one listens? I’m not “techy.” What if I push the wrong button? I don’t have a teleprompter.

Have you been there?

In this post, we’re sharing Aubrey’s story along with ways to overcome podcast perfectionism. You’ve got this!

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Meet Aubrey Howell Robinson

Just as things were starting to really look up for Aubrey, she was involved in a terrible accident that left her fighting for her life. Before her accident, she was a well-respected software engineer who trained others from the stage. She had lost over 160lbs and she was actively training with friends to ride her bicycle from San Francisco to LA over seven days – 545 miles!

And then everything changed.

The accident left Aubrey with a traumatic brain injury. She had to relearn how to do everything. There are lots of things that she still can’t do or struggles to do. She’s no longer allowed to drive. She doesn’t have the same level of confidence in speaking that she did before her accident.

But that hasn’t stopped Aubrey. Rather than letting her accident define who she is, Aubrey started a YouTube channel called SimplyAubs and is live streaming. Her show is called Morning Motivational Minute-ish. The goal is two-fold: motivate others and motivate herself.

About the show, Aubrey says: “Well, if I need it, I’m sure there’s others, right? Everybody needs motivation. No matter what you’re going through: you’re have a crazy day and your boss is yelling at you or your kids are running around being all crazy… all sorts of things can happen. One thing’s the same, get a little motivation.”

While some podcasts and live shows are 30 minutes, an hour, or longer, Aubrey prefers to keep it short and sweet. This way she can keep consistent and deliver value each time.

Aubrey’s Tips for Overcoming Podcast Perfectionism

If Aubrey can do it, you can do it, too! Even when things aren’t perfect, she shows up each time and motivates others to do the same. Here are Aubrey’s tips for overcoming your own perfectionism:

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Say this to yourself every day. Get a sign if you need a reminder.
  2. Perfection doesn’t actually exist. It really doesn’t. No one is perfect. No one really wants you to be.
  3. Give yourself some grace. Aubrey’s show is “Morning Motivational Minute-ish” so that it can go longer than minute if she wants it to. No explanations. No overthinking.

You Can Do It!

The hardest part of podcasting is getting started. Once you start, you’ll be able to get into the flow of it and make improvements as you go. Remember that one of the main reasons listeners and viewers tune in is YOU. Podcasting is a very personal medium and listeners want to know their podcast hosts better and feel part of the experience.

Try your best to let go of the podcast perfectionism and focus instead on the value you can bring to your audience. And stop worrying so much about it. You’ll find a good podcast workflow and you’ll get your groove.

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