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12 Must-Try Interviewing Tips from the Pros

We asked some of our favorite pro live streamers and content creators to share their interviewing tips.

Ecamm Live’s new Interview Mode makes it easy to bring remote guests into your live broadcast or recorded video. You can do things like add lower titles, plan your scenes out in advance with placeholders, and even change your guest’s backgrounds using green screen, but cool technology (and it IS cool) doesn’t necessarily make for a great interview.

After all, understanding the best practices for a good interview is going to help you build a following, increase engagement, and be all around better at video.

Stephanie Liu

Stephanie says: “Remember to keep your eyes on your guest and use Scenes in Ecamm Live to give you time to look down at the comments.”

Brian Fanzo

Brian says: “Keep questions and comments high level for your guest so your viewers really get those important takeaways.”

Tim Sohn
Sohn Social Media Solutions

“Before you go live, show the interviewee the different scenes you’re going to use and go through the run of show with them. Let them know which parts they will be full screen or side by side with you, etc…

“Also, when testing out the different scenes ahead of time, your guest won’t be surprised when a scene shows his or her laundry on the edge of the shot. This will give them a chance to adjust their camera angles, zoom in, and more … This is one way to make your guest as comfortable as possible.”

Kevin Kolbe
Kevin Kolbe Media and Behind the Live

Kevin says: “Remember that the interview is not about you. It’s about your guest.”

Laura Davidson
Shure Product Manager

“Interview Mode has allowed me to fret less and create more. It has taken so much stress out of the process by being able to simply send a link to my guests instead of helping them troubleshoot their Skype account before a broadcast.

“My guests are just able to hop on, sit back, and let me bring them into the show. My one pro tip would be to do a dry run ahead of your broadcast just to get everyone comfortable with the user interface and ready to go.”

Diana Gladney

Diana says: “Make sure to drive the conversation.”

Pat Flynn
Smart Passive Income

“Be genuinely curious.  That will guide any follow up questions that you have and help you more than anything. “

Doc Rock
Doc Rock and Beta Group Moderator

Doc says: “Be quiet after you’ve asked your question so your guest has time to answer.”

Rob Balasabas

“Listen to your guest’s answer to your interview questions, then acknowledge their answer and consider asking a follow-up question so that you make it clear that you were paying attention. Remember that you are representing the audience, so stay curious and ask questions that get the most value from your expert guests.”

Adrian Salisbury

Adrian says: “Make sure you’re ready to go live. Check your gear and studio set up to put your best foot forward.”

Ian Anderson Gray
Confident Live Marketing Podcast

“In your run of show, include your guest’s bio and a short list of what they like and what makes them special. Include a bullet list of questions you might want to ask them, but give the conversation some freedom and don’t be afraid of the odd tangent!

“Learn the art of listening and avoid bringing it back to you all the time. The most important people on your live shows are your viewers. After that, it’s your guest who matters most. Make that guest feel special!”

Doug Doppler
Doppler’s Gear Garage

Doug says: “Always focus on bringing value to your viewers.”

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