Ecamm Live Interview Mode

Interview Mode has arrived!

Thanks to 2020, we’re now officially living in an online world, but thankfully that doesn’t mean we can’t still connect with one another.

Whether you’re hosting an interview, planning a panel discussion, playing video games with friends, streaming a music gig, getting the team together for a brainstorm session, live streaming a call in show, or anything in between, we’re here for you with Ecamm Live’s new Interview Mode!

What is Interview Mode?

Ecamm Live now has a built-in feature that lets you bring up to four guests into your broadcasts or recordings without needing any additional apps. You send a link and they click to join. Yes, it’s really that easy. 

Plus, our new Interview Mode is packed with powerful features that will wow your viewers and guests, including:

  • Bring in remote guests in beautiful broadcast quality
  • So easy to use that anyone can join – from a Mac, from a PC, from a tablet, even from their phone!
  • Host up to 4 guests and control all the settings, including camera effects, sound, & other adjustments
  • Plan your entire interview in advance with guest placeholders so you’re ready to shine on interview day
  • Ecamm Live’s Interview green room lets guests see the show, comments from the live stream, viewer count, and more
  • Auto-titling (and animations, too!) makes it easy to add a professional look to your interview
  • Guests can share their screen at the push of a button
  • Virtual camera support for guests means your guests can bring their Ecamm Live features into the show

Professional Quality Interviews Made Easy

Our goal with Interview Mode is to make it easier than ever to bring anyone into your broadcast, recorded videos, or just onto your computer to chat. That being said, we know how important it is for you to control the whole show, so we’ve kept all of the customization and functionality in this feature so you can create professional quality interviews and stand out from the crowd.

Watch Luria and Glen talk more about how to use Interview Mode and answer your questions.

How does it work?

Here’s Adrian Salisbury with a full tutorial and demo of our new Interview Mode, including everything you need to know about bringing on a guest remotely using Ecamm Live.

More on Interview Mode

Have a question about Interview Mode and how it works? Here’s more on how you can add remote guests into your broadcasts with just the click of a link.

Interview Mode is a Pro level feature, but all Ecamm Live Standard members and trial users will get two hours of Interview time to try it out! We hope you love it as much as we do.

Want to get started with Ecamm Live? We have a FREE 14 day trial. Download today and try it for yourself!

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