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Call Recorder for Skype is joining the Hall of Fame

It’s true. Call Recorder for Skype is officially joining the Ecamm “Hall of Fame”

It has been an incredible 16 years for our app, Call Recorder for Skype. We are so grateful for the conversations, memories, laughs, and tears that it has captured throughout the years and for all of our Call Recorder customers. Thank you! 

In the last 16 years, we’ve seen a huge shift as we’ve all found ways to better communicate, create content, build community, and market our businesses. We’ve seen the rise of video and live streaming, podcasts, and better video conferencing solutions.

For this reason, we will be transitioning Call Recorder for Skype into the Ecamm Network Hall of Fame. Call Recorder has helped many and we hope that our other apps, including our live streaming and video production studio, Ecamm Live, will help you capture audio and video and crush your goals.

We’ve recently added a built-in interviewing tool and isolated audio feature into Ecamm Live, which we think will be a great alternative to Call Recorder AND Skype. We will continue to support Call Recorder for Skype on Intel-based Macs.

You can learn more about Ecamm Live at If you’re moving to Apple Silicon or already there and you want a non-video alternative for Call Recorder, our friends at Rogue Amoeba have some great options as well.

Again, thank you for your support of Call Recorder throughout the years. We’re excited to continue to be a part of the future of audio and video and are so grateful that you’ve been on this ride with us.

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