Pricing Live Video Services

We’ve finally come to the question that everyone is always asking: how do I price my live video services? Pricing live video services can be complicated and sometimes overwhelming for those new to video production, but in this post we’re going to break it down and make it easy for you. Bonus! We also have […]

Live Streaming Checklist

Tech and talent can make or break your remote live video production. But, as long as you can prepare your client and their guests to show their very best, you will succeed as a remote live video producer. Introducing, the live streaming checklist! In this post, we’ll cover Planning and production Live streaming checklist and […]

5 Storytelling Hacks for Your Live Show

In 2020, the live streaming industry increased by 99%. Impressive, right? No wonder that every social media platform provides the opportunity for users to go live. It helps these users share content with the world. In 2021, most brands have already noticed this trend. They’re using live shows to reach and engage their target audience […]

Podcast Hosts & Promotion

Get ready; this is the last post for The Podcaster Hour and it’s a big topic! We’re talking all about podcast hosts & promotion. We’ve almost covered literally everything you need to know in this series, including how to plan your podcast and live show, top podcasting gear, how to sound awesome on your podcast, […]

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