The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming

Yay! You did it. You’re jumping into the world of live streaming and we know you’re going to be incredible. Live streaming is an amazing way to increase your reach, grow and foster a community, and build content that you can repurpose. Live streaming can easily be the center of your Marketing plan, allowing you […]

19 Helpful Apps to Use with Ecamm Live

Ecamm Live is a powerful live streaming and video production studio for your Mac. Whether you’re live streaming, presenting, producing, or podcasting, Ecamm helps empower you be better on video. It also works seamlessly alongside a ton of apps, including video editing tools, presentation software, camera apps, audio apps, and more. We recently asked Ecamm […]

How Musicians are Using Ecamm Live

When the pandemic started, musicians across the world began to embrace live streaming. After all, they needed a way to get their music out to fans and followers without physically stepping onto a stage. Between platforms, software, gear, and monetization (like virtual tip jars), musicians had to get tech savvy quickly. Now, thousands of musicians, […]

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