Ecamm Streaming & Video Kits

Getting started with live streaming, video podcasting, and video production means that you’re going to need to start thinking about your video gear kit. This means thinking past just your computer. For more studio setups (and yes, that includes your home office studio), you’ll need to have a microphone, a camera, and a light. When […]

Getting Started with Live Selling

When you’re getting started with live selling, you need to know that live shopping isn’t your momma’s QVC. Let me explain what that means. Back in the day, you’d have people sitting in their homes watching QVC or the Home Shopping Network and they’d call and order products when they wanted to buy. Sometimes they’d […]

The Future of Live Selling

Live selling is projected to become a $25 billion market by 2023. Yes, billion. If you think about it, live commerce blends together entertainment and instant checkouts. It offers retailers, brands, and content creators a new channel to reach and engage audiences. It’s no secret that live shopping is on the rise. You can now […]

All About Audio

Audio is the most important aspect of live streaming, video recording, and video presentations. That may seem somewhat strange since video requires… well, a video feed. The reality is that most viewers will put up with poor video quality if they can still hear you. However, they will not stick around if they can’t. Bad […]

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