Storyboarding Your Videos

The first place to start when you’re getting into live streaming, video podcasting, or video production is with a storyboard. Storyboarding your videos helps you plan out your content, keeps you organized and focused on your why, and makes the entire process easier.

There are a lot of different ways to approach storyboarding your videos, including white-boarding, drawing, or using a digital tool like Apple Notes or Notion. You can actually storyboard directly in Ecamm Live using Scenes. The important thing is thinking through how you want your video to flow.

Storyboard Example

For example, if we were planning out our (totally pretend) show, Epic Video Podcast, this is how we might storyboard the show:

  1. Countdown Timer w/ music – maybe a fun background graphic?
  2. Welcome to the show – me on camera talking + border graphic + lower third
  3. Me + guest – same border around us + lower thirds for us both
  4. Sponsor ad video
  5. Me + guest again
  6. Just me again
  7. Follow, like, share graphic
  8. Outro video w/ music
sample Ecamm scene

Once you have a storyboard, then it’s easier to plan for what you might need like graphics, music, videos, or even interview guests.

To build your storyboard out in Ecamm Live, you’ll need to start with Profiles and Scenes. You can think of a Profile like a house and Scenes like the walls in the house. Using the above example, our Profile would be named “Epic Video Podcast” and the first scene would be a countdown timer, our second scene would be the welcome, and so on. Then when you’re ready to live stream or record your video, you’ll simply need to open the Profile and then click through each scene to flow through the show. Easy, right?

No matter what you’re creating, the storyboard process should be the same. Focus on your why (What is your show about? Who is it for?) and then jot down your storyboard notes to start creating your content.

Want to Practice?

You can join us every Wednesday on YouTube for BuildingBlocks with ana gil and Fuljens Henry to learn how to build your show in Ecamm and practice what you learn in our Community or Discord. See you there!

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